About the Author

I have been writing about technology for nearly 25 years, first as a journalist and then as an author. Google Drive & Docs In 30 Minutes is my best-selling title, and has helped thousands of people all over world get the most out of Google Drive.

I started using Google’s online office suite when I was a technology editor working for Computerworld magazine. At first, there was only a simple word processor called Google Docs, but soon it was joined by a spreadsheets program, online storage, live collaboration, and many other cool tools.

However, as Google Drive has expanded and evolved, it’s become more complex. I wrote this short guide to help people not only understand how to use the most important features of Google Drive, but also to appreciate the many ways in which it can help them accomplish specific tasks. To that end, the guide is filled with real examples and screenshots that show exactly what to do.

I take pride in my writing and love to hear from readers. Feel free to reach out via the social media links on this site, or using the email address listed in the back of Google Drive & Docs In 30 Minutes.

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